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Couch to 5K Week 1

Well, Saturday morning I finished my first week of Couch to 5K. For those that don’t know, Couch to 5K is where you train your body to be able to jog 5 kilometers (a little over 3 miles). The first week you alternate between walking for 90 secs and jogging for 60 secs. You do this three times a week. The difficulty level gradually goes up each week, for a total of 9 weeks.

After just three days I noticed a huge difference. I’ve been exercising off and on for a while now, and recently I’ve been in the off phase. I always wanted to…or really planned to get going again, but there was no motivation on my part. At least not anymore. I get into moods. Back in the fall I did Healthy Habits with a group of online friends. I wish I hadn’t stopped, because I was really fit! That lasted 8 weeks I believe. I started to tone up, but after the 8 weeks I slowly stopped exercising.

The funny thing is it’s not like I don’t like exercising. When I do it, I really like it and it’s fun, but actually getting up to do it just doesn’t work for me sometimes. It’s so easy to just sit around and say I’ll do it tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is now!

So, today is Monday and we went out to start the second week of Couch to 5K. This week we alternated two minutes of walking and 90 seconds of jogging. I also plan to up my exercise to 3.5 hours of exercise this week and going forward. That’s what I was doing for Healthy Habits back in the fall. Plus, I can’t just work out my legs. I have to get my arms and core into it as well. I’ll also do some supplemental leg exercises as well. It’ll make my jogging go a lot better.

I guess Healthy Habits worked in a way after all. It wasn’t a continuous thing, but ever since I stopped I’ve wanted to go back to it.

If you’re thinking about exercising, whether it be walking, going to the gym, or whatever you fancy, I really encourage it! You’ll feel better in the long run and healthier!