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Why’s it so hot??? Blech!

Um, yeah. I usually don’t complain about the weather, but it really did get too hot, too quickly. Yes, I know it’s not going to last, but I’m still going to complain. 😛

I can’t wait until Wednesday when we get a nice cool front. It’s going down about 20 degrees to normal spring temperature. We’re also getting some April showers as well. Love those April showers.

Okay, I guess I didn’t complain too much. You know, what I hate the most is the humidity. When it’s hot here, it’s usually humid. Ick. Can’t stand it!!! *sigh*

Well, I guess I’m done for now. I’m going to make a nice cold smoothie! Not only will it cool me off, but I’ll get a serving of fruit as well. Win/win! 😀