Where’s My Motivation?

Sorry I haven’t blogged in almost three months!!! Wow.

So, I meant to update my Couch to 5K progress each week, but obviously I didn’t. I did though on twitter if you follow me there. Link can be found on the left side.

It went well. I reached the end of it a few weeks ago actually. I remember week 3 and 4 being the hardest. I meant to keep at it, doing it three times a week, but for the past couple of weeks I haven’t. I’ve been exercising and jogging sporadically; the last time I jogged was Saturday. It even helped my health issue but even that hasn’t motivated me. I mean, really, my health should motivate me, but it hasn’t. Even as it gets worse I know in my head that I should just exercise but no…something in me is kinda saying “whatever” while another part of me is fighting that mentality. *sigh*

So, that’s where I am at the moment. I won’t stop exercising at all, but I need to bring it up to par!!! Where’s my motivation? Where did it go? Last year I did Healthy Habits and was motivated the whole time, but when it was over I didn’t continue. Do I only have motivation when a contest or a goal is involved? Where’s the motivation for my life?


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