Vegetables! I need some recipes!

I’ve been eating more vegetables lately. I’ve noticed, though, that I need to add some pizazz to my recipes! I have made ratatouille, but besides that I just either microwave, steam, saute or bake plain vegetables without any flair. So, my question to you all is…

Do you have any vegetarian recipes? Good yummy ones! 😀

Please, add links and such to the comments below. Also, no hummus recipes. I really like hummus, I just want something different. 🙂 Thanks!



  1. livinglime Said:

    when my veggies start ripening, i go to They have a search feature that allows you to input a number of ingredients and find all sorts of appropriate recipes. Many of them include foods that aren’t in season, but i’ve found some real gems that way and use it all year round!


  2. grayovercast Said:

    My friend told me about that one. It’s pretty good. 🙂 My other friend told me about, which is also a good site. I just never really find anything that draws me in regarding vegetable dishes. Maybe I’m just too fickle, lol. :/

  3. kristina Said: has tons of great vegetable dishes:

    i’ve been eating my veggies raw lately (it’s fast and easy), just mix them up in a bowl a little bit of olive oil, dash of lemon juice or red wine vinegar, sprinkle of salt and pepper and voila!

  4. boozilla Said:

    Try checking out Deborah Madison’s books. She’s a genius.
    If you barbeque, you can grill anything: onions, zucchini, mushrooms.
    Beets? roast in oven, @ 350 til done, slip out of skin, slice, toss with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt & pepper, they’re wonderful.
    or dice them and saute with ginger, chiles, shallots and a dash of coconut milk.

  5. spamwise Said:

    Deborah Madison is a good start, as well as anything by Alice Waters.

    As for recipes, you could check out my blog if you like. There might be a few that could be of interest.

  6. Doris Said:

    Whenever I need a recipe (for anything) I search online and there is tons of information out there and I don’t have to clutter my shelves with papers that I won’t be able to find again 😉

  7. Kimberly Said:

    I second I love it! I’m also a big fan of sauteing veggies in olive oil and a dash of sea salt for a quick dish. Red wine vinegar adds a yummy kick to lettuce and spinach, without adding calories! If you’re watching your sodium, then sauteing with herbs and garlic is an option.

    One tip my mom taught me is that if you like the foods, then you’ll most likely like them together. If you like mushrooms and tomatoes, then toss them together to make a dish! If you like artichokes and green beans, then toss them up together!

    Don’t be afraid to try making your own dishes. Have fun and experiment with what you’ve got on hand!

  8. grayovercast Said:

    Thanks, everyone! 🙂

    I experiment at times and get some good results. I’ll have to research and see what I can find out there. 🙂

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