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LeakyCon2009 – Boston

I just wanted to say really quickly that it was awesome, and I can’t wait to meet up with these wonderful people again! There was so much to talk about this weekend, but I think I’ll leave that for later posts when I remember them better. It’s just one big awesomefest in my brain mixed all together in a short-term memory lapse goo. *sigh*


Vegetables! I need some recipes!

I’ve been eating more vegetables lately. I’ve noticed, though, that I need to add some pizazz to my recipes! I have made ratatouille, but besides that I just either microwave, steam, saute or bake plain vegetables without any flair. So, my question to you all is…

Do you have any vegetarian recipes? Good yummy ones! 😀

Please, add links and such to the comments below. Also, no hummus recipes. I really like hummus, I just want something different. 🙂 Thanks!