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Jumping Rope! Do it!

I like exercising, but it gets repetitive at times. I get bored. I lose motivation. I’m always looking for something different.

I bought this jump rope a long while ago. Never opened it. It was sitting in my closet. Yesterday I remembered it was there, and I went outside (after much complaining) and walked around, jump roping, here and there. It was fun! It’s something new that’s old. Used to do it all the time when I was young, but haven’t done it in years.

Then I was thinking I should never have stopped! It’s a great way to get in some exercise and the more people the merrier.

Just look at the benefits!


Why’s it so hot??? Blech!

Um, yeah. I usually don’t complain about the weather, but it really did get too hot, too quickly. Yes, I know it’s not going to last, but I’m still going to complain. 😛

I can’t wait until Wednesday when we get a nice cool front. It’s going down about 20 degrees to normal spring temperature. We’re also getting some April showers as well. Love those April showers.

Okay, I guess I didn’t complain too much. You know, what I hate the most is the humidity. When it’s hot here, it’s usually humid. Ick. Can’t stand it!!! *sigh*

Well, I guess I’m done for now. I’m going to make a nice cold smoothie! Not only will it cool me off, but I’ll get a serving of fruit as well. Win/win! 😀

I Need to List More!

Seriously I do.

For those that don’t know, I have an Etsy shop seriously lacking in items. I want to list something everyday or at least every other day. Here’s what I have for today:

Caution! This is My Beverage Cozy

Caution! This is My Beverage Cozy

Let me know what you think! Please leave comments or questions! 🙂

Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup

I love the Harry Potter books, as I stated in my last post. Well, I was on Ravelry last night and saw that Quietish suggested that I join this group.

Wait…what’s Ravelry, you say? You don’t know what Ravelry is? Well, it’s a great place for all you knitters, crocheters, dyers, spinners and designers! We can share patterns, buy patterns, post blogs, share experiences, join groups, learn new techniques, marvel at others abilities and that’s just to start. You can also keep track of your yarn, hooks, needles, and craft books! I love it! I still have to add a lot of my supplies and books! I have to get them more organized first. XD

Anyhoo, that’s what Ravelry is in a nutshell. If you want to join Ravelry you have to request an invite, which is on their front page. It’s simple and easy, but you do have to wait a couple days. Please leave comments below if anyone thinks I left something out please, (which I most likely have) as I’m kind of still knew to it all.

So, I’m on Ravelry and I get an invite to this group. I think it’s looks really cool! There are rules and if you want to join the HPK&C House Cup, please read them so you know what to do!

Basically you get sorted into a house and you’re given assignments by the different professors. Obviously they’re knit or crochet assignments. Each person gets points for what they’ve made and at the end of term one of the houses wins. I believe the top winner of each house wins a prize. I could be mistaken though.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think it does, but I also love HP. 😛

I’m probably leaving out a bunch of other things they do, since I just joined last night. If you love HP and knitting or crochet (and are a member of Ravelry), why not join this group? Well, yeah, if you’re too busy, there’s always the next term. 😀

If you’re not a member of Ravelry (and love knitting and crocheting) why not request an invite? It’s really a lot of fun!

Leaky Lounge Enchanted Eggs Contest Craft_Along!!!

I love the Harry Potter books and am a member of the Leaky Lounge and a Transcription Elf for PotterCast.

Now that you know a little bit about my background involving HP (I’ll go into more detail in a future post) I’m going to tell you about a contest that is going on right now!

Yes, it started on April 1st. Sorry I’m so late letting you guys know about it. If you feel any better I haven’t started yet either. Actually since I’m a staff member I’m probably not eligible for the prize anyway, come to think of it, lol.

There are just two rules: 1.) The entry must be egg shaped. 2.) It must be Harry Potter themed.

That’s it! So if you love Harry Potter, like I do, come on and enjoy the fun! 😀

If you want more information click here. That’ll take you to the Enchanted Eggs Contest CAL thread.

If you need inspiration or an idea, please click here for resources.

My Wrists Don’t Like It When I Knit…

…or do they?

I just recently switched over to continental knitting. This is basically knitting with your left hand instead of throwing the yarn with the right. I ‘m so glad that I finally sat down and taught myself how to do it. The hardest part about it was purling for me, but after doing it over and over it was easy. Now, I’m almost up to speed, but I do need to practice more.

Right now I’m knitting a ribbed scarf so I can practice both knitting, purling and switching over from them both. It’s going well.

Purple Ribbed Scarf

I plan on knitting some more. I’m going to teach a few friends of mine how to knit either this month or next. We’re going to make a little party out of it. I’m definitely going to teach them continental knitting though, which will probably work best anyways since a few of them already know how to crochet. The whole flow of the yarn is still coming from the left, so I’m thinking it’ll be an easy transition for them.

I’ve always loved knitting, even though my wrists complained. But now they don’t have to. Yay! 🙂